Life: Count your Blessings

⭐ In between my short stories I would like to share some personal highlights in life.

#1 Summertrip

I am going to the Philippines in June for one whole month! Together with my niece Kayleigh and aunt Rowena. I’m so excited  la, la, la, (and I just can’ t hide it)!

It has been 17 years , since I last visited this beautiful land of islands. My mother is half Philippina-half Indonesian, and I am in blood 75% Philippina. I’ m also American, since I was born there. Though in heart I am Dutch: my father is Dutch and I have lived here for most of life.

As a 5 year old, visiting the Philippines, I don’ t remember a lot. I remember young ducks and cute puppies. I remember mosquito nets and the good food made by my grandmother Gloria.  My aunt, niece and I are planning to visit her and my ‘Lolo’ (grandfather) Maurits for the first week of our stay.

The other weeks we will be travelling all across the Philippines. Including a short retreat at one of the most beautiful Islands:  ‘Boracay’ .

Man…. I am looking forward to this trip!


#2 Imagination

I thank God that for my recently discovered writing skills. Or at least I hope everyone who reads my short stories enjoys them. It has been almost a week now since I started this blog, and I still have plenty of inspiriation to write more.

If you have any ideas or tips for me that you would like to share, feel free to do so!


#3 Silvia: ‘Iron Lady’

Personally I am glad that my other ‘grandmother’ is doing well. She has had a brain seizure and my family and I thought God had decided it was time to bring her home. But he probably has heard my prayers and gave her more time here, with us. And I am thankful He did 🙂


That was it for now. I hope you enjoy my writings, for there is plenty more to come 😉

❤ Tabi

'Count your blessings. You might have received more than you think’


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