1. Hunter of Hearts (EN)


There once was a Hunter. Not just any Hunter, but the best one of all: a Hunter of Hearts. In the entire land there was none as good as him. He was well built, fast and more importantly: he never missed. His name was the Black Hunter.

The goal of the Black Hunter was to hit the hearts of people with his arrows. Invisible arrows. Black arrows. Once a black arrow hits a heart, it would get a black dot. This black dot would grow until eventually a heart would be completely black. Once black, the heart would remain black.

The Black Hunter loved that. More often he chose the easy, vulnerable and sad hearts as a target. These hearts would become black the fastest. He had different types of arrows, plenty of arrows for every heart. His strongest arrows were: hatred, lonelyness, sorrow, pain and jealousy. With his arrows on the go, he travelled through the land, hunting hearts of man.

One day, a day just like any other, a boy was born. His name was Chris. Since he was little Chris had had a special gift. He could look inside the heart of a person. He saw many black hearts around him. That made him sad.

He decided to do something about it. He started to make arrows. Similar to the Black Hunter’s arrows they were invisible. They were not the same. Chris’ arrows were not black, but white. In his childhood he practiced a lot with his bow and white arrows and he became a strong man. An archer with a perfect aim.

Once grown up, Chris went on a journey. A journey through the land, searching for black hearts. What the Black Hunter did not know, was that every heart had a secret room. A room with one small, white marble. That room had one door. Darkness could not enter that door. Chris, he knew. And at every heart he shot one white arrow. An arrow of love.

In the Land of Hearts there lived a girl named Abigail. She had been hit by the black arrows of sorrow and lonelyness. Her parents had passed away and now she was all alone. Chris saw her and shot on her heart his white arrow.

The arrow of love was patient. It gently knocked on the door of the secret room and waited. Abigail heard a soft knocking. And in the darkness of her heart she opened the door for the white arrow. She let the arrow in. Now the arrow could find it’s goal: the white marble. And when the arrow touched the marble, Abigail was filled with love.

True love. Perfect love. She felt herself getting warmer and saw she started to shine. Joyfully and with gratitude she began singing along with Chris: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine !“. Her new goal in life was to love others just as she felt loved now. To love everyone and everything around her. To be a light for the black hearts in darkness surrounding her. To bring love in the hearts of the people, so that others can shine as well.

This is how Chris built a large army of White Heart Hunters. Together they were many times stronger than the Black Hunter. And with that army, Chris brought love, light and life.

❤ Tabi

'May your heart become white as well. That you may shine in God’s love. For that is perfect love. True love.



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