3. Animalis (EN)


There once was a great kingdom, near the Land of Hearts and the Land of (Un)masked. Nowadays a lot of people had taken down their masks, so the Land of Masks was more often called Land of Unmasked.

In Animalis people did not wear masks. People were just people, with happy and less happy faces. In this land people lived among animals. There were many species. From the tiny ant up until the huge elephant. From shrip tot whale. From firefly to eagle. There were probably more types of animals than persons.

In Animalis every person had her or his own animal. From the animals that crossed their paths of life, they could choose one. One with which they would share the rest of their life with. Since everyone was different, everyone chose a different kind of animal.

One day, a day like any other day, a girl was born: Mieke. Mieke had picked her animal for life when she was still quite young. She had chosen a little lamb. You might know her song: ‘ Mieke has a little lamb…’. Everywhere she went, her lamb went too. The two of them became inseperable.

Up until a certain day, when Mieke woke up and wanted to give a morning hug to her lamb. She looked around for it, but it was nowhere to be found. Desperately she searched everywhere. Under her bed, in the bathroom, the toilet, the kitchen and living room.. But no, her friend was nowhere to be found. Then she decided to take a look outside. She went to the door and there, in front of the door post, she saw the white wool of her lamb. With fear she saw it was covered in red spots.

‘No! How could this be! My little lamb, my friend, is no longer living!’. With tears in her eyes she looked at the print of a paw in the ground beside her lamb. ‘A wolf! It was a wolf that has killed my lamb!’, she cried out. Her lamb must have heard the wolf at night. And all alone it had gone outside to try and protect her against the wolf.

The wolf had been too strong. Now her lamb was dead. Her buddy. Her friend for life. What now? she tought to herself. Everyone had only one animal to spend their life with. Not two, three, or more.. Just one. And that thought, to be alone for the rest of her life, saddened her enormously. It made her so sad, she locked herself up in her bedroom for the next couple of days. She did not even get out of her room once, even though she normally loved to be outside in nature.

After 3 days she had enough of the four walls of her room. With a heart that was still sad, she went outside. Out to breath some fresh air. She decided to visit her grandmother Oma. With Oma she could talk about anything. She really wanted to see her now. Oma always knew the right words when she felt angry, scared or sad.

So Mieke went to see her grandmother, who lived on the other side of town. To get to Oma she first had to cross a big forest. And alone, Mieke started to follow the path leading through the forest.

Suddenly Mieke saw a figure appear somewhere in the distance.  She decided to continue her way, but to be extra carefull. Gradually, step by step, she started to feel more and more alarmed. She felt a nerve, starting in her belly. Not the kind of nerves that were good. Not nerves you, for example, get from butterflies in your stomach when you are in love.

No, this feeling was not right. It felt wrong. The nerves turned into fear when she finally saw what was growling before her. A wolf! The wolf! And he was not small either. He had smelled her and now he waited patiently for her to come closer. Close enough for him, so that she had no chance of escaping. Even if she would turn and run away now, she would no where be near in time to reach a tree to climb in. Escape was impossible. Mieke had no chance whatsoever against the wolf.

While the wolf was growling and started to run in her direction, she heard a huge roar. It was a lion! One much bigger and stronger that the wolf. She saw the lion jumping before her on the path. In stead of turning to try and get her too, the lion blocked the wolf’s course. The wolf then tried to run, but the lion was faster. Stronger. And in a single bite, the lion killed the wolf.

The lion turned around and asked what her name was. With fear she answered: ‘Hello, my name is Mieke. What is your name?’. ‘Nice to meet you’,  the lion said with a deep, powerful voice, ‘my name is Leo’. ‘T-t-t-thank-you for saving my life, Leo’, Mieke said a little less frightened, ‘If you had not been here…’.

‘No problem, Mieke, I am glad I did it for you’, Leo told her. ‘But where is your buddy? Your animal friend?’. ‘I no longer have a personal animal friend’, Mieke said, ‘the wolf has killed my lamb and now I am alone for the rest of my life’. ‘How terrible!’ Leo, growled, ‘May I be your new animal friend now?’.

Mieke doubted, ‘but I can have only one buddy, can’t I?’. ‘That is right’, the lion answered, ‘but if your animal friend dies before you, you may choose a new one. So, I hope you choose Me as a friend in your life. If you say yes I will be with you for the rest of your life and I will always protect you.’

With joy in her heart, Mieke continued her path to Oma, together with her new friend. Oma saw them coming from a distance. With her arms wide open she welcomed Mieke. She gave her a big hug and a kiss on her cheeks. She said: ‘I am happy to see you here! Together with Leo. I always new you were a lion.’

❤ Tabi

"If you allow Jesus in your heart, you will never be alone again!



2. The Land of Masks (EN)


There once was a girl, named Sarah, who lived in a big country. That land was similar to the land of the Heart Hunteres, but there was one difference: everyone wore masks.

Sarah wore them too. She could choose from over a 100 different masks. Every day she would get out of bed in time before school to pick the mask for the day.

All them asks were always happy. There were different kind of masks though. There were masks that were a little bit happy, normal happy and enormously happy. Within each category you had all kinds of variation.

Sarah’s favourite mask was the one with twinkling eyes and a mouth opened wide in a huge smile. Especially on days she felt less happy, she put on this mask. How can anyone with a smile that big, not be happy?!

One day, a day like any other day, Sarah heard someone knock on the door of her house. She opened the door and saw a girl standing there. The girl was probably only a few years older than she was. The girl introduced herself: ‘Hello Sarah, my name is Abigail. I am from the Land of Hearts and I have travelled a long way to reach this place.’

Well, that is awesome! Sarah thought to herself:  ‘You must be hungry!’, she said and she invited Abigail to join for dinner.

Luckily, her parent had a spare room in which Abigail could sleep. And every day, after school, Sarah would look Abigail up. Then they would chat around and do fun things together. In time, they became best friends.

One day, Abigail said: ‘Dear friend, may I ask you something?’ . Sarah raised her shoulders and said that Abby could ask her anything. ‘Why do you always look so happy?’. Surprised, Sarah said: ‘Do you not know that I am wearing a mask? Everyone here wears them. I mean, I live in the “Land of Masks”!’.

Now it was Abby who was surprised and she said: ‘ And what if you feel sad or angry?’. Sarah answered: ‘With our happy masks on we are always happy. Do you not wear a mask then?’.

Abby told her she did not have any masks and had never actually worn one. She told her that in the Land of Hearts you could see immediately how a person felt. Sometimes the faces were sad or angry, but that was useful! That way you could see straightaway how a person really felt like on the inside.

Sarah thought to herself: I would like that, never having to pretend. She asked Abby: ‘Eh, uhm, well, that sounds special. But do you think that I could do that as well?’ . Abby answered: ‘Yes, of course! Why don’t you try it out for just one hour. And every day you will add one hour to it’.

And that was what she did. She started in her bedroom, where she felt safe the most. Eventually she dared to walk through her house, without a mask, too. At one point she even dared to not wear a mask outside the house and to school!

The people around her started to notice her. They asked her why. Especially when Sarah was not feeling happy, the people asked her how it was possible that she did not have a happy face just like everyone else. Sarah would answer: ‘It is good to be happy. To feel happy. In life, though, we all experience things that are not fun or happy. Things that can make you sad or angry.’

Then Sarah would tell them how nice it felt to be able to express those feelings too. For example, with her friend Abby. With her she could talk about her true feelings and she would never have to pretend.

Slowly, but surely, the people around her started to follow Sarah’s example. First her brother and parents. Later on, also the rest of her family. And over time her other good friends. Every day there were new people who laid down their masks.

Up until this day, Sarah travels through the land to help people take off their masks.

❤ Tabi

"So you may put down your mask, and show your true feelings”


~ ‘Sarah’ by Tabitha Buma – 27 Feb 2016

1. Hunter of Hearts (EN)


There once was a Hunter. Not just any Hunter, but the best one of all: a Hunter of Hearts. In the entire land there was none as good as him. He was well built, fast and more importantly: he never missed. His name was the Black Hunter.

The goal of the Black Hunter was to hit the hearts of people with his arrows. Invisible arrows. Black arrows. Once a black arrow hits a heart, it would get a black dot. This black dot would grow until eventually a heart would be completely black. Once black, the heart would remain black.

The Black Hunter loved that. More often he chose the easy, vulnerable and sad hearts as a target. These hearts would become black the fastest. He had different types of arrows, plenty of arrows for every heart. His strongest arrows were: hatred, lonelyness, sorrow, pain and jealousy. With his arrows on the go, he travelled through the land, hunting hearts of man.

One day, a day just like any other, a boy was born. His name was Chris. Since he was little Chris had had a special gift. He could look inside the heart of a person. He saw many black hearts around him. That made him sad.

He decided to do something about it. He started to make arrows. Similar to the Black Hunter’s arrows they were invisible. They were not the same. Chris’ arrows were not black, but white. In his childhood he practiced a lot with his bow and white arrows and he became a strong man. An archer with a perfect aim.

Once grown up, Chris went on a journey. A journey through the land, searching for black hearts. What the Black Hunter did not know, was that every heart had a secret room. A room with one small, white marble. That room had one door. Darkness could not enter that door. Chris, he knew. And at every heart he shot one white arrow. An arrow of love.

In the Land of Hearts there lived a girl named Abigail. She had been hit by the black arrows of sorrow and lonelyness. Her parents had passed away and now she was all alone. Chris saw her and shot on her heart his white arrow.

The arrow of love was patient. It gently knocked on the door of the secret room and waited. Abigail heard a soft knocking. And in the darkness of her heart she opened the door for the white arrow. She let the arrow in. Now the arrow could find it’s goal: the white marble. And when the arrow touched the marble, Abigail was filled with love.

True love. Perfect love. She felt herself getting warmer and saw she started to shine. Joyfully and with gratitude she began singing along with Chris: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine !“. Her new goal in life was to love others just as she felt loved now. To love everyone and everything around her. To be a light for the black hearts in darkness surrounding her. To bring love in the hearts of the people, so that others can shine as well.

This is how Chris built a large army of White Heart Hunters. Together they were many times stronger than the Black Hunter. And with that army, Chris brought love, light and life.

❤ Tabi

'May your heart become white as well. That you may shine in God’s love. For that is perfect love. True love.